Policy No. 503
Area: General Administration

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Grants Procurement/Administration

The missions of the College may be advantageously advanced by utilizing outside funds other than its normal support received from the County and State. The College will actively seek grants from public and private sources and encourage staff members to make applications for grants.

The programs and projects made possible by this kind of financing should be selectively undertaken to help the College move toward desired goals (including the encouragement of faculty research). Availability of funds should not be the sole reason for undertaking a project. The ultimate decision for committing the College to any institutional grant will be made by the President.

The administration and individual project directors should recognize the special obligations that are assumed by the acceptance of grant funds. In addition to explicit performance and fiscal requirements of the grant contracts, there are implicit requirements to conduct all aspects of the grants with academic and fiscal integrity and to accept grants as public trusts.

The administration will establish procedures for controlling and accounting for both the performance of activities and the fiscal obligations required by agreements with grant donors.


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RFP Grant Review Form, Supplement 2 No. 503.1s2
Acquisition, Use and Disposal of Perkins Equipment No. 503.2
Procedure for Letters of Support Related to Grant Applications No. 503.3

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