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Statement on National Federation of the Blind demonstration

April 17, 2014

Atlantic Cape Community College is dedicated to improving the success rate of all of our students. The college is sensitive and committed to the needs of our diverse student body and consistently strives to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We fully accommodate students in need, subject to applicable safety laws and regulations.

The college affords reasonable modifications and assistive technology as appropriate, including extensions of requirements, testing accommodations, and accommodations for student activities beyond the classroom.

It is up to the individual student if they wish to have an aide with them on campus, but it is not mandated by the college. In the past, blind students have succeeded at Atlantic Cape both with and without the help of aides. There are no restrictions on registering for any classes for visually impaired students, although they may enlist the assistance of an aide in certain lab courses to ensure safety to self and others and are subject to the maximum occupancy of the class.

The college is compliant with ADA Section 508 (Standards for Electronic and Information Technology) and possesses text-to-speech technology for use by students with visual impairments. Additionally, the institution will procure alternate format materials for students if they are requested in a manageable time frame. As part of its efforts to meet the needs of students with special needs, the college offers a designated counselor and regular workshops on using assistive technology and has forged relationships with outside resources.

The college executes its policies and procedures for all students to the best of its ability and routinely revisits policies and procedures.

In the event of a dispute regarding compliance with applicable laws, college policy or the appropriateness of specific reasonable modifications or auxiliary aides, Atlantic Cape has an established procedure to determine a mutually agreed upon solution.  We respect the public’s right to free speech, and remain open to a continued dialogue about our programs and services. The college has invited all relevant parties to a meeting to discuss the issues being presented. All parties have agreed to meet and the college looks forward to that conversation.