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Atlantic Cape Applies for $13.2 Million in State Capital Funds

February 28, 2013

 Following approval by its board of trustees Feb. 26, Atlantic Cape Community College will apply for $13,185,000 in grants under four state programs.  The monies will pay for the creation of student success and career planning centers at all three college campuses, existing academic space repurposing and renovation, science and technology equipment and furnishings, technology infrastructure upgrades and academic computer equipment.

Trustee Helen Walsh introduced the grant resolutions as a package, noting “the state is making this (grant funding) available to the college which will allow us to make substantial progress in the Blueprint 2020 (Master Plan).” Chairman David Evans commended the board committees and college staff who worked to prepare the grant applications, which are due in mid-March.

Funds, amounts requested and projects include:

--Building Our Future Bond Act, total of $9 million: $3.5 million for creation of a Student Success Center on the Mays Landing Campus; $600,000 and $900,000, respectively, for renovating existing space to create Student Success Centers on the Cape May County and Worthington Atlantic City campuses; and $4 million for repurposing Mays Landing Campus academic space, concentrating on A-building space that will be vacated as a result of the Science Technology Engineering and Math building project. Total includes a 25 percent required match.

--Higher Education Facilities Trust Fund, $1.98 million, for STEM building and science program equipment and furnishings. No match is required for this grant.

--Higher Education Technology Infrastructure Fund, $1,134,000, for technology infrastructure upgrades outlined in Blueprint 2020. This program requires a 50 percent match, which is included.

--Higher Education Equipment Leasing Fund, $1,071,000 for academic computer equipment listed in the Blueprint 2020 Technology Master Plan. This sum includes 25 percent match of associated debt service.

Along with that action, the board approved changes to Blueprint 2020 to include the addition of student success and career planning centers at all three campuses and an updated Technology/IT Master Plan.

Solar Project For Mays Landing and Cape May County Campuses Moves Forward

The college will enter into an agreement for solar installations on two of its campuses, pending receipt and acceptance of technical documents from Energenic, LLC, of Mays Landing.  In October, the board authorized the college administration to explore terms of a 15-year solar site lease and power purchase agreement with Energenic, based on information they submitted during the college’s 2009 solar bidding process.  At that time the college chose Pepco Holdings, Inc., as the solar partner, but financing issues derailed the project. Gabel Associates, the college’s energy consultant, estimates the college will save $1,184,844 over the life of the project, which will place solar panels atop carports at the Mays Landing and Cape May County campuses. Work is expected to begin this summer, with completion by Dec. 31, 2013.

Board Approves These Reappointments, Beginning July 1, 2013:

Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Included in the Bargaining Unit: Lisa Apel-Gendron, Torrina Bennett-Michael, Alonna Brown, Michael Bruckler, Josephine Chivalette, Cynthia Correa, Paula Davis, Tammy DeFranco, Linda DeSantis, John Feldbauer, Kristin Fletcher, Christine Gamboa, Kristen Grech, Sandra Greco, Terri-Lynn Hamby, Patricia Heller, Dorie Keener, Maria Kellett, Michael Kernan, Kathleen Landau, Linda McLeod, Luis Montefusco, Michelle Perkins, Heather Peterson, Anita Polanco, Nancy Porfido, Michael Rennick, Mariangela Sozio, Patrick Sweeney, Sherwood Taylor, Harry Whitelam and Michael Wozniak.

Exempt Administrative and Supervisory Personnel:  Therese Budd, Eileen Curristine, Cindy DeFalco, Sean Fischer, Patricia Gentile, Douglas Hedges, Leslie Jamison, Bruce Johns, William Keener, Jean McAlister, Ronald McArthur, Patricia McClay, Edward Perkins, Richard Perniciaro, Paula Pitcher, Catherine Skinner, Mark Streckenbein, Robert Townsend, Arthur Wexler and Grant Wilinski.

ACA Educators: Annmarie Chelius, Philip Cragg, Suzanne Feye, Michael Huber, Ruth Latorre, Daniel Matt, Mary Theresa McCann, Jeffrey Phillips, Joseph Sheridan, Vincent Tedeschi, James Usilton and Linda Wohlman.

Faculty Without Tenure: Robert Gerristead, Karl Giulian, Michelle Gross, Oscar Halldorson, Joseph Krafft, Laurie Lemons, Jolie Master, Christina Ranelle, Beth Sanders-Rabinowitz, Zhe June Xu and Bojan Zilovic.

These Faculty Earned Tenure with This Appointment:  Joy Jones, William Osler, Judith Otterburn-Martinez, Mary Wunnenberg

Counselor I: Lynette Ingram, Dennis Jones, Hal Lugerner and David Pringle.

Counselor II: Ellen Splaver.

Librarian I: Leslie Murtha.

In Other Personnel Action:

Richard Russell of Ocean City was named temporary Assistant Professor, English, retroactive to Jan. 22.

The board approved three title changes:

--Lisa Apel-Gendron, of Dennisville, from director, CMCC administrative and customer service, to director, CMCC support services, effective March 1.

--Therese Budd, of Seaville, from executive director, administration and business services, to dean, administration and business services, effective Feb. 27.

--Cathie Skinner, of Mays Landing, from dean, administration and finance, to dean, finance, effective Feb. 27.

Trustees Approve Retirements for Five Long-Term Employees, Effective June 30

--Kathleen Corbalis, APR, of Mays Landing, executive director of communications and college relations, associate director of the Atlantic Cape Foundation and communication adjunct, who served the college for nearly 30 years.  Her college-wide work included the Branding campaign, Mall Day, Middle States activities, co-chair of the presidential installation, and 30 annual Restaurant Gala committees. A board member of the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations, she has won numerous awards from that organization as well as from CASE, PRSA and JSPRAA.  President Peter Mora wrote, “Congratulations to you and your team for a continuing pattern of excellence …Your leadership has been the constant variable in establishing this legacy.”

--Veronica “Ronnie” Devine, of Egg Harbor Township, who served with dedication as a valued member of the finance area for more than 30 years, working primarily as payroll specialist.  Her supervisors wrote she is “always pleasant and willing to help both students and staff,” and “a loyal and extremely dependable employee, willing to go the extra mile to complete any job placed in her trust.”  The resolution stated her dedication to the college is evident in the numerous Perfect Attendance awards she has received.

--Francis “Frank” Eastlack, of Mays Landing, who joined the college in 1980 and served for 33 years, most recently as senior clerk in the perishable storeroom.  Former supervisor Debbie Ciarrocki stated, “With the increase in culinary enrollment, Frank has been a lifesaver.  Considering Frank’s title as account clerk, he has been flexible enough to help with the production end of our department.”  The resolution stated his dedication to the college is evident in the numerous Perfect Attendance awards he has received.

--Betty Ann Inloes Hines, of Laureldale, who joined the college in 1972 and served the college for more than 40 years, most recently in the capacity of board secretary.  Named a 1992 recipient of the Employee of the Quarter award, Betty’s college-wide work included a presidential search, Mall Day, Campus Crusade for Christ club advisor and “company leader” for the American Heart Association Southern NJ Spring Heart Walk.  The resolution stated her dedication is exemplified in her 15 consecutive years of Perfect Attendance awards and her attendance at all board meetings since her appointment on July 1, 2002.  She worked as administrative assistant for five presidents who valued her dedication and service.  Dr. John May wrote, “The success of the administrative function of the office of the President is in large measure due to Betty Ann’s skill, experience and dedication.”  Dr. William Orth cited her “personal warmth and cheerful character.”

--Regina Skinner, of Atlantic City, director, admissions and recruitment/acting dean of students, who served the college for more than 35 years with distinction, holding a variety of positions, including Assistant for Academic Support and Publication Services and Director, Marketing and Development.  Her college-wide committee work included:  Middle States, faculty and presidential searches, Enrollment Management, MIS Core Team, Foundation Scholarship Golf Classic and New Student Day.  Foundation President Emeritus James Cooper wrote in a recommendation, “I want you to know that she is extremely well organized, intensely motivated and seems to be infatigable.”  Dr. Agnes Armao, a former supervisor, stated, “…with her help, our marketing efforts are more sophisticated and more successful. Gina is one of our finest employees.”

Contracts and Purchases:

--Roof repairs, Worthington Atlantic City Campus, Mike Kobithen Robbing & Insulation, Inc., Churchville, Pa., $84,770.

--Internet services, consortium purchase, 18-month renewal, N.J. Institute of Technology/NJ Edge, Newark, $106,664.

--Nursing Enhancement Program, Assessment Technology Institute, Overland Park, Kan., $32,500.

--Wire replacement, Building Q, Tricomm Service Co., Hammonton, $48,421.

--Merchant card services, Official Payments, Reston, Va., 2.5 percent rate.

In Other Business, the Board:

--Approved the Jan. 31, 2013, financial statement.

--Approved a 2 percent base salary increase for employees not represented in the bargaining unit, effective July 1, 2013, consistent with College Policy 17.

--Agreed to transfer $375,702 from a list of completed construction projects to a designated plant fund to cover salary and benefits for the director, construction/capital projects for fiscal years 2013, 2014 and 2015.

--Approved offering the mathematics, associate in science, degree, effective in fall 2013.  Dr. Godfrey Barlatt, professor of science and department chair, science and mathematics, and Marcia Kleinz, associate professor, math, explained the rationale behind developing the program, which previously was an option in science and mathematics.

--Accepted $5,520 from the Easton Sports Development Foundation II, Archery Equipment Grants Program, and added Lancaster Archery Supply of Leola, Pa., as vendor.

In the President’s Report:

--Eileen Curristine, dean, human resources, public safety & compliance, made a presentation on the college’s Safe Campus Initiative, including drills, trainings, equipment purchases and work with outside law enforcement agencies.  William Keener, director, security and public safety, assisted by Captain Charles Mettille, showed an active-shooter video and explained how the college is using it to educate employees on how to respond in that type of emergency.

--Dr. Peter Mora talked about Atlantic Cape’s participation in the recent Achieving the Dream Institute in Anaheim and the meetings he held and interviews he gave at the Community College Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Association of Community College Trustees and the American Association of Community Colleges.

--Dr. Mora said he is now chairing the N.J. Presidents Council’s Campus Safety and Security Committee.

--Kathy Corbalis spoke about the local, regional and national publicity the college garnered during February.

--Sean Fischer, executive assistant to the president/director, board services, presented upcoming events on the Board Activity Calendar.


The next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held at 7 p.m., Tuesday, March 26, at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus, 1535 Bacharach Blvd. All are invited to attend.