Middle states matters

Work began in 2016 on Atlantic Cape's Middle States self-study report. The self-study process is comprehensive and inclusive. It is led via a committee structure by the following members of the Atlantic Cape community:


Co-Chairperson: Jean McAlister, Dean, Resource Development, President & Board of Trustees Operations

Co-Chairperson: Augustine Nigro, Associate Professor, History and Government

  • Michael Bolicki, Associate Professor, Social Science
  • Tammy DeFranco, Director, Cape May County Campus Student Services & Campus Management
  • Gracellen Etherton, Specialist, Office of the President and Board of Trustees Services
  • Leslie Jamison, Dean, Finance
  • Josette Katz, Professor, Hospitality Management
  • Marilyn Keiner, Professor, Paralegal Studies
  • Jesse Kurtz, Senior Manager, Web Systems & Marketing
  • Jolie Master, Assistant Professor, Science
  • Janet Marler, Associate Dean, Academic Support Services
  • Jennifer Martucci, Senior Manager, Institutional Planning & Research
  • Maryann McCall, Assistant Professor, Developmental English
  • Gwen McIntyre, Assistant Professor, ESL
  • Matthew Miller, Senior Research Technician
  • Luis Montefusco, Director, Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning
  • Heather Peterson, Registrar
  • Jay Peterson, Associate Professor, English
  • Anita Polanco, Assistant Director, EOF
  • Nancy Porfido, Director, Student Development and Judicial Officer
  • Brittine Pratt, Senior Manager, Resource Development, President & Board of Trustees Operations
  • Richard Russell, Assistant Professor, English
  • Amy Shelton, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Bridget Temme-Soifer, Senior Research Technician, Institutional Research

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